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How can you save money on your electronic appliance repairs near Terrebonne? Call TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE, your local specialists. TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE is a company based in Laval, QC, founded in 1994 by a highly experienced audio and video repair professional; they have since become the reference in repair services. 

Courteous, attentive, respectful, economic, advantageous, efficient, reactive, competent and honest are all words that our clients use to describe our company and the services we provide.

Electronic device repair: extend their life, near Terrebonne, QC

These days, it is quite common to think that household appliances are not made to last. This is an alleged marketing strategy on the part of manufacturers simply designed to increase their sales! Even if this is true, there are solutions to get around the problem.

One solution to extend the life of your devices is to call on the expertise of a recognized electronic service centre.TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE a company which can extend the life of your devices through quick, efficient and above all, cost-effective repairs.

Samsung LCD TV repairs Laval

Get more out of your devices thanks to TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE

TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE is the place to get the most out of your electronic devices. We offer exceptional service for Samsung TV repairs, and much more. We repair all types of television and video equipment as well as provide a wide range of reconditioned devices at unbeatable prices.

We have an extensive inventory of electronic components. Professionals including major household appliance retailers such as Costco, and television manufacturers such as Samsung, use our services. This is proof of the quality of service we provide. You too can benefit from the reliability of our service and get the most out of your electronic units.

The best value for money electronic device repair service. Why not make the most of our services?

  • Very competitive prices
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  • Fast turnaround
  • Personalized service
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  • Highly qualified staff
  • Detailed advice
Television repair Laval

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