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For plasma TV repairs, remember the name: TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE, near Montréal, QC. We provide a trustworthy and reliable service.

The company was founded in 1991 by Steve Sosiak, a well-respected technician from the audio and video repair industry. His work is highly recommended by numerous electronic appliance retailers such as Costco and major television manufacturers such as Samsung. This is only natural considering the remarkable quality of his work throughout his career.

How can you get your plasma TV repaired for less?

What can you do when the guarantee on your plasma TV has run out and you start to experience problems, stopping you from getting the most out of your TV? The first response for most is to think about buying a new unit. But others consider getting their plasma TV repaired, but are uncertain or afraid that this will cost as much as a new television.

Don't be fooled! Repair centres still exist where you can get your device repaired properly without having to spend too much. TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE does this for you. Our services are of such high quality you will be astounded.

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Why is TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE the best choice in the Montreal area?

Above all, TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE is about a warm and courteous reception. Our qualified, trained, experienced and competent technicians are at your service. These professionals will provide you with the best advice and therefore the best solution to your problem.

This quality is applied to all of the services offered by TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE, including electronic device repairs. We can deal with all major-brand televisions. All of the major electronic appliance retailers and manufacturers recommend our services. So why not contact us today?

The best choice to repair your plasma TV. Don't wait to benefit from the extensive experience of TEL-A-VIDEO SERVICE!

  • Personalized service
  • Fast repairs
  • Honest service
  • Skill, experience
  • Specialized service
  • On-site interventions
  • Courteous and warm welcome
  • The most economic solutions
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